Creative Culture

Culture. It’s something so many experts in so many industries attempt to breakdown. Now, I will not be breaking culture down into a “three-step plan that will guarantee you perfect results.” In fact, that’s pretty much impossible.

Culture is something that’s cultivated from the top down. The leaders of your company are the ones who decide what the culture will be. Will it be a fun, casual atmosphere? Or a straight and to the point type of business? That’s up to you and your managers.

What I can shed some light on, though, is how cultivate creative culture.

Creative culture is the concept that your work environment is an enjoyable place to create. Creativity needs space to breathe. It needs freedom, openness, and lots of natural light. 

When asking someone to create, whether design, video, photo, or written content, make sure you understand their creative process. Know what makes them tick and will get their creative juices flowing.

How do you learn this? Simple. Get to know your employees. Get to know them on a little more of a personal level. Take time to learn about who they are and you’ll better understand how they work.

Creative culture is best boiled down to knowing your employees, knowing how they work, and allowing them the freedom and space to work in that atmosphere.


Elijah Hollis