The Fence at the Playground

The fence at the playground. Seems like a random analogy, right? 

Let me explain.

Think about a playground. A dream land for a kid. There’s slides, swings, ropes, tunnels, I mean everything a 6-year-old needs in life. Surrounding the playground, though, typically there’s a fence. Now, sometimes we have a negative connotation with a fence (no one likes the fence put up by the angry neighbor out of spite). But, in the case of the playground, the fence is intended to give space for more fun.

Think of it this way. With a fence surrounding the playground, parents feel much more comfortable allowing their kids to run around. No fear of accidentally running into the busy street or wandering into the rest of the park. The fence actually brings freedom to both the parents and the kids.

Now, let’s apply this to the creative world.

When guiding a team, specifically a creative team, you have to define the boundaries to “play” in. You want your team to be as creative as they can and maximize their talents and gifts, but you also need to make sure all content produced is on brand and up to your company standards.

That’s where a fence comes in. The fence, in this case, is a style guide. Style guides are key to ensuring everything is on brand and your story is consistent across all platforms.

At Helm, we have PDF filled with guides for fonts, colors, textures, icons, text, and more. This book ensures that everything we produce is creative and unique, but within the realm of a Helm creation.

If you don’t already have a style guide (a fence), create one. It will provide consistency to you and your team and streamline your creative process as a whole, thus helping you to create more effectively and efficiently.

You can fill this guide with pages about how to use your logo, the color hex codes, what fonts to use, how to phrase captions, and pretty much anything creative.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us with more questions, comments, or suggestions!

Elijah Hollis