Our Pool of Resources

We as creatives think about tangible resources, like cameras, tripods, and bags. We tend to think the key to creative success lies solely in our tools. 

“As long as I have the newest camera, I’ll have the best pictures.”

“If I pay for the most expensive system, I’ll have the best website.” 

Although the tangible tools are crucial to the process, they aren’t the end all be all. 

How often do we think about the all the resources surrounding us? Industry experts, inspiring friends, creative spaces, etc. Although these aren’t tangible items you can hold, these are crucial resources you should be taking advantage of in order to ensure the best creative success possible. 

But what does it mean to access this resource pool? 

  1. Talk to the experts.

    • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Ask questions. Seek answers. There are always people out there who have been doing something like what you’re doing for longer. Find them. Ask for advice. If you can’t talk to them in person, read. Read blogs, books, articles, anything talking about your industry.

  2. Never stop learning.

  • We are all life-long learners. Tap into that. Make it a personal goal to learn something new about your industry every single day and instill that desire into your team. The goal is to keep your team expanding their skills and pushing the limits of what’s been done. In order to push the limits, though, you need to know and fully understand the limits.

We’re always looking for new ways to learn and grow! Let us know in the comments your favorite book, blog, author, or speaker! 

Elijah Hollis