Pre-Planned Spontaneity 

Pre-planned spontaneity. An oxymoron at its finest.

What does it mean to be purposefully spontaneous? How does this concept apply to the creative process?

Let’s start with what we already know. 

In past blogs and podcasts, we’ve explored the complex idea of the creative process and broken down what it means to apply creativity to every industry. We know that the creative process starts with a dream, but grows with a plan. It’s about taking what’s already been done and improving it with your own personal taste. Most importantly though, the best creative work is done in collaboration. But what makes all these steps work? What is the fuel that runs this process?


Spontaneity is one of the most overlooked, underrated aspects of creativity. It’s easy to forget, but vital to include in your daily schedule. Creativity needs room to breathe. We are most creative when we’ve had a breath of fresh ideas and a chance to look at the problem or project in a new light.

Whether you’re a creative director at a corporate firm or an entrepreneur just starting out, create time in you or your team’s schedule to have spontaneous creative space. 

This time can look like an extended lunch break in the park or even a full day of exploring your city. It’s about allowing yourself to take a step back from the project and gain inspiration from the world around you.

Plan a dream day, beach trip, sunrise hike, something to get those creative juices flowing. 

Allow time in your daily schedule for coffee breaks and collaboration. This intentionality will not only inspire you and your team, but ensure your day is not so packed tight that you are just going through the mundane motions of work.

Creativity is spontaneity. Embrace it.

Elijah Hollis