The Journey of Collaboration

The journey of collaboration. 

Collaboration. What a complicated word. What does it even mean to truly collaborate? To not just build a team, but to build a community? 

Create moments. Fellowship is crucial when it comes to building a team foundation, but true fellowship can be hard to cultivate. Don’t just spend time together just to check it off the list. Be intentional with the moments you create. If you want to build a team that works together well, you have to first build a team that knows each other well. Your team needs to know not only their own strengths, but that of their fellow team members. It is the responsibility of the leaders to create those moments where the team can build that bond with one another. Be intentional. 

Define goals. No one wants to be a part of a team where they don’t know what they’re working towards. When collaborating, keep the end goal well defined. What are you aiming at? Both short term and long term. This clear definition will help your team not only work with a purpose, but find meaningful solutions. Don’t forget; journeys change, destinations stay the same. Don’t fixate on “my way or the highway.” Know your goal and work to it as a team, keeping in mind there are many paths to the same dream.

Celebrate well. Meaningful, positive reinforcement is crucial. Find ways to celebrate each team member for their accomplishments and what they bring to the team. Highlighting the good will help build confidence in your team as they work together. Don’t shy away from critiques, but don’t let the “you can do this better” overshadow the “you did this well.” We celebrate progress not perfection.


So, get out there and create moments, define goals, and celebrate well.

Elijah Hollis