The Essentials of Storytelling: The Who


The Essentials of Storytelling: The Who

We connect to each other through story. It's a fact of life. Story takes us from surface level conversation to intimate and real connections. 

In our last blog, we learned the foundation to effective storytelling is understanding the why. Once you take hold of why you're telling your story, it's crucial to identify the who.

Before sharing your story, ask yourself: Who am I telling my story to? Who is my audience? 

The who of your story works out the details. You see, when you know your audience, you will tell your story with filters that match their needs. Never change your story. Change the filter in which you tell it. 

Everyone listens to stories with their own preconceived ideas and backgrounds. If you understand who you are talking to and hone in on their passions, then you will be able to effectively share your story in am impactful way.

To understand your audience, understand their...

  1. Past Experiences - Past gears perspective.

    • What are your audiences accomplishments, failures, business experiences, etc.? How did they grow up? How do they view the world?

  2. Goals - Hearts are driven by desire.

    • What is your audience trying to achieve? What are their long term or short term goals?

  3. Similarities - Similarities build a bridge to deeper conversation.

    • What do you and your audience have in common? Sports? Hometown? Favorite Restaurants? No detail is too small

Once you understand these key details about your audience, you are able to relate to them on a deeper level than before.

Business isn't just selling products. It's working people. It's understanding who they are and how you can relate to them. Once we relate to others, our passions become theirs, and that's when world change happens.

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Elijah Hollis