The Story Of Helm


Based in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, PA, Helm Creative Studio is a full service creative and digital marketing agency that offers services in videography, photography, design, AV/tech, and digital marketing.

At Helm Creative Studio, we believe in you. We believe in your vision and we believe in your journey, which is why we are beyond excited to come alongside you and translate your beautiful ideas into beautiful pixels. Whether by video, photo, design, AV, or digital marketing our goal is always to make your dream a reality.


Meet Our Founders

Hollis Family.jpg

Creative visionaries powered by passion and caffeine, Elijah and Ashlee Hollis are constantly on the hunt for the next great story. They understand the power of creative and how it plays a role in every industry, which is why they developed Helm Creative Studio, a full service creative and digital marketing agency based in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. 

With a love for all things creative, Elijah is committed to pushing the edges of innovation and expression to bring the stories of organizations and brands to life in a new way. By leveraging extensive technical skills and his passion for storytelling, he excels at disrupting expectations by creating authentic and meaningful brand strategies.  

Fueled by ever-growing visions for the future, Ashlee leads the team at Helm through growth and creative development. As a leader who is always thinking outside the box, she fosters an environment of team work and ensures the team is progressing in both creative skill and storytelling ability.

If you choose to partner with Helm, you're choosing to partner with individuals who are committed to taking your creative projects to the next level.



Social Impact



At Helm, we wholeheartedly believe creativity and serving both play crucial roles in transforming our city.

We believe in our clients and their causes, and we are honored to come alongside them to strengthen the social causes they fight for and share the stories of those making a difference in Philadelphia. Whether we are mentoring students into becoming the leaders of tomorrow or serving organizations who selflessly serve their community, we believe each and every project has a direct social impact. If you choose to partner with Helm, you are not only creating a unique masterpiece with a powerful message, but investing in city transformation.